Managing guest relations in hotels and successful upselling (webinar)

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  •  25 - 26 veljače 2021.
  •  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  •  2499,00 kn + PDV

This training program is designed for employees working in the hospitality industry. Firstly, participants will be introduced to the concepts of guest relations and management of guest complaints. Secondly, participants will learn techniques for successful upselling in hotels. Finally, participants will learn what constitutes exceptional customer service taught by lecturers with rich experience in hotels such as the ritz-carlton, the savoy, corinthia london, firmdale hotels, sanderson, grosvenor house and many more.

By the end of the training, participants will have:

  • The Skills to create customer satisfaction
  • The Skills to gather information, even in a tense situation, in order to deal with the problem
  • Practiced defusing customer anger and build rapport
  • Enhanced Communication skills
  • Practiced maintaining a professionalism under pressure
  • Reviewed ways to provide a solution
  • Reviewed ways of monitoring and analyzing complaint levels and identify remedial action
  • The Skills to effectively use upsell onsite techniques
  • Produced a plan for hotel operations improvement.




Training will start with learning about tourism and hospitality trends. It will highlight the importance of living and telling the story of a hotel brand. It will in detail cover topics such as hotel branding, storytelling, integrated marketing communications of different kinds of hotel brands, and finally, will explain the main role that employees have in the process of the hotel brand creation.


In this part of the training, we will discuss best practices for delivering first-rate guest services and provide a forum for articulating standards specific to your hotel. Additionally, we will provide guidance regarding professional appearance, actions, and attitudes, suggest language for welcoming guests, interacting professionally and closing conversations. We will also explain service body language and what is and is not appropriate. The entire process from pre-stay, stay, and post-stay will be examined.

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 – 12:30  WORKSHOP

For providing great experience, guests must receive great service every time. In this part of the workshop, we will look at the guest’s journey and determine what should happen at every turn. Next, we will identify the appearance employees should present, the actions they should demonstrate, and the attitude they should adopt when interacting with guests.


Here participants will learn how to deal with customer complaints effectively. From the process of receiving the complaint – how to control it, to developing the communication that works, remaining calm and not overreacting the situation to the process of creating satisfaction from dissatisfaction. Participants will be taught how to handle a variety of complaints whether they are written, telephone or face-to-face complaints. Also, the importance of maintaining online, social media reputation will be examined. After providing examples of complaints concerning rooms, F&B, price, staff attitudes and more, participants will work on developing skills to deal with complaints effectively and confidently in the workshop that follows.

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch Break

14:30 – 16:30 WORKSHOP 

Sometimes “it’s on the house”, “there’s no charge”, “we will upgrade you” is not enough to smooth the dissatisfied guests. Some guests will not be happy with anything you do, however, there are ways of turning them around. Here, participants will learn tactics for handling service breakdowns and unhappy guests. Through many examples provided, participants will go through stages of complaints: (1) How to Control Complaint – the damage complaints can do to your hotel, making sure that complaint does not escalate, accepting customer feedback graciously, re-building the guest relationship, techniques of handling different complaints; (2) Developing Communication that Works – developing the right attitude, how to sound confident, caring and helpful, how to actively listen, gather information and checking understanding; (3) Remaining Calm – recognizing seriousness of customer’s concern, empathizing with the complaint, gaining guest’s respect; and finally (4) Creating Guest Satisfaction – ensure that guest is feeling listened to, let them know what can be done, re-building commitment and monitoring complaint levels vs. performance standards.

16:30 – 17:00 CLOSING DAY ONE

At the end of the day one of the training, participants will have a clear understanding of what constitutes exceptional customer service and will in detail learn how to deal with customer complaints effectively. We will make a recap of day one and will introduce participants to the day two of the training.




One of the biggest concerns in hotel is to create a strong relationship with guests. In order to make a difference, hotel needs to have a greater approach to the guest, a great possibility of knowing them in greater depth. Therefore, there are more options to improve their satisfaction. But also to improve the sale of the hotel service, and consequently, greater benefits for the hotel. This is precisely what the upselling technique is allowing. Day two of the training will start with introducing participants with the importance of boosting hotel properties revenue by increasing hotel’s F&B, spa, and other service sales.


Through studying the need of hotels to increase their service sales, participants will learn a dynamic combination of strategy and communication strategies that will help them increase hotel revenues by effectively promoting their services during all communication stages with the guests. This will be covered through the following topics: (1) Why apply upselling?; (2) How is it different from cross selling?; (3) What are the upselling advantages?; and (3) How to apply upselling in your hotel, which will be the main focus of the workshop that follows.

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15 – 13:30  WORKSHOP 

Upsell workshop will be divided into the two main parts: (1) How to upsell front of house for reception and reservations (upselling to a suite, upselling breakfast, upselling a tour/activity), and (2) How to upsell for F&B (upsell side dishes, upselling wine or for a more expensive bottle of wine, upselling desserts), and (3) Play role – participants will be given different scenarios in teams and will be guided through in the correct way.

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch Break


This final segment of the workshop is set aside for participants to reflect all the topics they heard through the workshop, and to think about implementing learned strategies within the operations of hotels they work for. Participants will be introduced to different techniques of producing the self-improvement plan, and will be guided in producing one in the workshop that follows.

15:00 – 16:30 WORKSHOP 

Participants will design an action plan for improving customer-service skills that will be divided into the three main topics: (1) Guest-relationship; (2) Guest-complaints; and (3) Upsell Onsite Methods. They will be guided through the entire process and will be assisted in order to produce high level improvement plans. At the end they will be advised about the implementation process of the plan individually.


At the end of the training, participants will have a clear understanding of what constitutes exceptional customer service, especially in the management of guest relations of hotels. They will know how to provide such service, how to handle complaints and how to manage unhappy guests. Finally, they will learn how to use correct upsell onsite techniques.


Sameer Rai is currently working as a Group Sales Manager at The Savoy Hotel in London specialising in Groups, Events and Incentives incoming from the US and European Markets. He has an extensive history of working in the hospitality industry, starting with the Ritz-Carlton Global Sales Office in New York. Prior to this he completed a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Marketing, where he worked on various university projects which included business plans and product marketing plans. He followed this with a Master of Arts in Marketing Management at the Middlesex University in London, which provided him an integrated study of the theory and practice of effective and successful strategic marketing management. It was here where he further delved into consumer behaviours, marketing strategy, research and events. Apart from holding certificates in Maximizing Distribution Channels, Relationship-Sales Training Course and Delivering Constructive Feedback, he has been able to gather real life learning experience during his professional careers at hotel companies like The Ritz-Carlton, Corinthia London, Leading Hotels of the World, Marriott Hotels International (Luxury Hotels – Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel & St. Pancras Renaissance) and currently at The Savoy Hotel London. He continues to expand on his experience and will soon be joining the SBE Hospitality Group where he will be representing 2 hotels – St. Martins Lane and The Sanderson, in the US MICE Market. He has been engaged in hotel staff education since his times in Corinthia London, teaching a variety of topics regarding hotel operations which were mostly in-house seminars (eg. selling techniques, SOPs, marketing techniques in luxury hotels, and so on).

Fernanda Bispo is Head of Entertainment Sales at Firmdale Hotels, with over 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry around the world. Graduating in Hotel Management in Brazil, Fernanda started her career at Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo as a Guest Service Officer. She then participated in a training program at Marriott Baltimore where she was Reception Supervisor. Fernanda has now been working in London for 10 years working in Reservations, Events and Sales at Corinthia Hotel London and Firmdale Hotels. Throughout her career she has been teaching in-house seminars targeted at the management of the luxury hotels on the topics such as building and maintaining luxury hotel brands, improving staff communication skills, the role of entertainment industry in the luxury hospitality, and many other depending on the needs of hotel management. She currently specialises in the Entertainment industry overseeing all celebrity bookings across the Firmdale London hotels.

Matea Hanžek is a Lecturer at Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Marketing and Tourism Department. She is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Brighton. In 2015 she completed her MSc degree with Distinction in Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management at Edinburgh Napier University, where shwe was awarded with the University Medal. She has also received the Lee Allardyce Trophy for the most outstanding and innovative research in tourism and implementation of theory in practice. She has been working in Horwath HTL consulting company for tourism and leisure in London, as well as in the management Corinthia Hotel London. Currently, Matea is working on different projects in tourism with regards to destination marketing and branding. At the university she teaches a variety of tourism and marketing courses both on undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is also doing in-house seminars for Zagreb Tourism Board, as well as for other Croatian tourism and hospitality companies as a part of the ZSEM Business Academy. She has gained additional education at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), BI Norwegian School of Management, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) and University of Oxford.

Information and applications:

The number of places at the webinar is limited.

The price of the webinar for one day is HRK 1,899.00 + VAT.

The price of the webinar for two days is HRK 2,499.00 + VAT. The amount includes materials for the webinar, consultations with the lecturer after the seminar, 1 month of unlimited access to professional literature in digital form at, diploma, lunch and refreshments.


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